We offer advice and guidance on how to apply for various types of visas and how to succeed in acquiring them.


Getting a visa can be a challenging task. there are special requirements and different forms of documentation needed to get a visa to enter a foreign country and one wrong move could cost the entire application process, money, and valuable time. AKC specializes in securing visas and we understand that this process is so tricky that you might want to give up. Without the proper assistance, it can be a waste of money or even worse a refusal stamp on your passport. Now, to save you from that hassle AKC specializes in making this difficult task easy and stress-free. whether you need a visitor/settlement/spouse/work permit visa or a student visa, we will help you with the visa process.

we have worked with several clients to provide the best services possible for them and their cases have successfully been retrieved making it an accomplishment for the AKC visa consultancy portal. we work with experienced and knowledge to deliver what is considered best in your regard.

you are welcome to discuss any immigration-related problem confronting you.

we care about our client’s confidentiality and work in different ways not to compromise it. we respect and understand the outcome desired by our clients and we ensure that all the requirements for successful results are put into effect while ensuring that the quality is not compromised in the process.

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